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H Cubed Financial Solutions is proud to work will all kinds of clients, believing that all people deserve quality financial planning without the fear of being sold a product. We strive to help clients understand their circumstance and make wise financial decisions regarding their resources. For those not located in the DFW area, we work through online meetings and are able to collaborate effectively.
H Cubed Financial Solutions has three management models that work well for most clients.

Comprehensive Wealth Management Solution

This solution works best for families who have accumulated assets and are nearing or have entered retirement. We help our clients coordinate taxes, insurances, health care plans, estate plans as well as offer generational wealth transfer and charitable planning advice. A full financial plan is created that is based on your unique set of circumstances and goals. Our firm is unique as a fee-only planner, which means that we employ a fiduciary standard, requiring that we place our clients’ interests in front of our own. This is different from the broker’s suitability standard, which means that an investment only needs to be suitable for a client, and may involve a commission being paid.  H Cubed has access to a vetted network of professionals to help our clients with the implementation of their plans. The investment policy for your portfolio is plan-based both on your risk tolerance and your objectives. The cost of our services in this model is based on the amount of assets we manage.  Our minimum investment for new clients is $100,000.  H Cubed does make exceptions on a case by case basis.

Fixed – Fee Solution

Our fixed-fee arrangement can be attractive for clients who have illiquid assets but need assistance in managing them.  We perform a broad assessment and concrete guidance that addresses client concerns. We also identify overlooked opportunities and pitfalls. Often, clients have questions about employee benefits, taxes, 401(k) allocations, insurance needs and balancing savings for multiple priorities.  Meetings can be virtual or in person. Clients have unlimited on-line access to our financial planning software, Right Capital, and our performance monitoring software, Blueleaf.

Contact us to learn more about how H Cubed Financial Solutions may be able to help you. Our clients who go through our planning process feel more confident, prepared and empowered about their financial futures.

Investment Management

The core of our investment philosophy is a disciplined approach, regardless of market conditions. Our strategy is research-driven and goal-based to engineer your portfolio’s long-term success.  Our objective is to help you preserve and protect what is most important to you & your family.   Your goals, financial plan, risk tolerance and time horizon drive the asset allocation and investment plan.

As your needs change in life, we will be ready to tailor a strategy for you.

Retirement Planning

Retirees and those planning to retire face unique challenges. Knowing how you will structure your retirement income, how long that income will last, and which sources of income you should utilize to minimize taxes and maximize your income potential is vital to preparing for retirement.

Our comprehensive approach to retirement planning will help you prioritize your goals and develop an all-inclusive strategy to help you:

  • Meet retirement income needs, desires and expenses while taking longevity into account
  • Maintain lifestyle choices and priorities
  • Ensure that long-term goals and aspiration are funded for travel, healthcare, estate planning, charitable giving and other goals
  • Understand and maximize your social security options
  • Review the appropriate titling of your assets

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